Monday, October 31, 2011

Does getting a root canal hurt?

If the conditions are right a root canal absolutely does NOT need to be
any more uncomfortable then any other dental procedure.

There are a ton of stories out there about root canals that were so terrible
that the people don't ever want to go back to the dentist.

Most of the stories about painful root canals comes from root canals that
were done many many years ago.
Technology has changed and root canal procedures
today are much better then they once were.

The second biggest reason why people have tough
times with root canals is they wait too long.
Please do not wait until your face is swollen to come into the dentist.
The swelling, and infection associated with it, make it very hard to get someone numb.

A root canal is simply cleaning out the inside of the tooth.
Teeth are hollow. The inside is filled with nerves and blood vessels.
A root canal is a procedure where we clean out the inside of the tooth.
Since the tooth then no longer has any nerves it can no longer
feel pain and you are back to your old happy self.

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