Monday, September 12, 2011

Implant case

Wrapped up this case on Friday of last week.
Patient broke off half of her tooth.
The break was severe and extended down under the gums.
Patient did not want a bridge so an implant was chosen.
(Digital picture of tooth)
(X-Ray of tooth)

After the extraction both root sockets were examined and it was
determined that the socket farthest back would work best for the implant.

The implant was placed.
Bone grafting material was placed in the front most socket.
The spot was then stitched shut.
The implant is at bone level and the outcome for this case is extremely favorable.
The patient will now wait for about 6 weeks to make sure
that the implant site heals completely.

After that a tooth will be attached to the implant
and she will be back to her old self.

There are certain situations in which they don't work
but for the most part implants are wonderful.

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