Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pointy Canines

Canines are unlike any other teeth in the mouth.
Every other tooth in the mouth is, almost, a copy of a another tooth in the same quadrant.
You have 2 incisors, 2 pre-molars, and 2 molars per quadrant but only 1 canine.
These teeth are also, typically, the longest rooted teeth in the mouth.

One problem that people have with their canines is that sometimes
they feel as if they are a bit too pointed.

They hide them when they smile for fear that they look too much like a vampire.

Well there has never been an easier fix for just about anything.

All you need to do is file those bad boys down just a bit.
You do not need to be numbed up and it will only take a moment to do.
You will have less enamel so the chances that you could get decay in the
future are slightly higher. But, there is hardly anyone ever that gets
cavities on the points of their canines. Just doesn't happen.
Food can't stick there very easily.

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