Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How fast is a sneeze?

We have all had it happen to us.
A co-worker lets out a sneeze without covering their mouths.
You try, without the sneezer noticing, to politely turn away as to not ingest their germs.

Does that work?

Well, only if you are really really fast about it.
A sneeze comes out of your mouth at hundreds of miles an hour.
That's right.
Estimates are a little scattered as to just how fast but it ranges anywhere from
100 mph to 800 mph. But regardless of which of these numbers is closer
to the real number is kind of irrelevant. The point is that unless you can turn your head
very very quickly you are out of luck. The sneezer's germs are now your germs.

Best thing to do is to tell the sneezer to cover his/her mouth!

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