Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Will my fillings and crowns bleach?

Lots and lots of people bleach their teeth.
Lots and lots of people have fillings and crowns.

The big question that people have is
what happens when you combine the two?

Will the fillings bleach too?
Will the bleach hurt the crowns?
Etc. Etc.
The answer to these questions, and the solution to the
problems they present is fairly simple.

First, no, neither your crowns nor your fillings will be damaged by bleaching.
Second, no, your fillings and crowns will not change color with the bleach.
The solution to this is to bleach your teeth, as white as you want to go, then get
your crowns and fillings changed out to ones that better match the color
that your teeth have become by bleaching them.

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