Friday, June 3, 2011

Soda Pop

Everyone on planet earth knows that drinking soda pop is bad for your teeth
Both the sugar and the acids lead to tooth decay.

Even though we all know this fact however, does not translate into
anyone of us no longer drinking it.

I myself throughly enjoy a Dr. Pepper when I am out to eat.
So what to do?
Do we all just end up looking like this guy?
Hopefully the answer to that is, no.

Simply do as the beer commercials say and, "Drink Responsibly".
Simply limit your soda drinking to meal times.
Then after your meal is done take one last drink of water to help rinse the sugars out.

Sipping on soda throughout the day is the worst thing you can do.
If you can't stop drinking soda pop then simply do it in a way that would
minimize the chance that you would get cavities.

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