Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My crown just fell off?!

You are eating a meal and all of a sudden you feel something crunchy.
You search for the crunchy item with your tongue and pull it out.
Its one of your crowns!
You don't know how it happened but it just came off.

First Rule: Do not panic.

Crowns can come off for several reasons.
Some of these reasons are very very easy to fix.
So just because your crown came off does not mean that its the end of the world.

First thing to do is to look into the crown.
If its empty then things are real good.
This means that the cement that holds the crown on simply broke loose and you just need to get it re-cemented.
If there is a bunch of stuff in the tooth then you may have a little more of a problem on your hands.
What is in the crown may be fragment of the tooth. If there are a lot of fragments then you may need to have a new crown made due to the fact that that one may not fit any longer.

So until you can get to the dentist to find out exactly what your case is what can you do.
Try to stick it back on.
If it fits snuggly then you may just be able to baby it until you get in to the dentist.
If it fits loosely then you can simply put a bit of toothpaste into it and then stick it back on.
The toothpaste will make up the difference in the fit of the crown and help keep it on.

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