Monday, February 14, 2011

Do you judge people?

You are being judged.
Like or not it is happening everyday.
One of the things that people use to judge you is your teeth.

Lets give you an example.
This is Carl.
Without taking a lot of time to think about it, come up with 3 words that you would use to describe Carl.
I am purposefully leaving this space blank so you have to scroll down to see Carl's "after" picture.

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Here is Carl after he got his new teeth.
Now, think of 3 words to describe Carl.
Are you using the same words to describe Carl now as you were when you saw the first picture?

Like it or not people will judge you by your smile.
I would be nice if they didn't but they do.

Employers, relationships, family, neighbors, c0-workers, etc. may all make judgments about who you are because of your smile.

No matter the reasons for your tooth loss you don't have to remain that way. Show the world the great smile that you have on the inside by showing off a great smile on the outside.

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