Monday, May 19, 2014

I don't if anything can be done about this one.

There is a statement I hear a lot in my office. 
It goes something like this, "Doctor, I don't think you will be able to do 
anything with this tooth. It REALLY bad. You'll probably just have to pull it."

Sometimes the patient is right. I lay them back, look in their mouth, and 
have no other option then to pull out the damaged tooth. 

But more often then not, the patient is incorrect in their analyses. 
Working with teeth everyday means that we see A LOT of bad teeth.
So chances are what you are bringing in has been seen MANY times before.

Take this case for instance. 
Patient thought for sure that this tooth was in really bad shape. 
Well, it wasn't.
To fix this tooth didn't require a crown or a root canal.
A simple filling and the patient was on his way.



So next time you have something that, you think, is beyond hope,
get into your dentist and see what he/she says.
It might just be that its a really quick fix.

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