Monday, November 18, 2013

Body Modification. Lip Gauging.

That's right.
You have heard of tongue, ear and nose gauges.
Now we have lip gauges.

Lip gauges have famously been around for a long time
among some groups in Africa.

The big difference is that the older gauges simply extend
the lip outward. Meanwhile, the new gauges actually
go through the lips and from a path to the oral cavity.

Confused. Here are a couple of pictures. 

Older Gauges 

You can see that the lips are simply stretched out. 
The disk that is inserted into the lip can be removed and 
the mouth can be fully closed for eating.

That is the trouble I may have with the newer variety of gauges.

As you can see the hole is actually a communication into the oral cavity.
The issue I have with these newer style of gauges is how to keep
food in your mouth when you are eating and how to keep drool
in your mouth when you are not.

I don't know how to stop the drool thing but I would think that perhaps a 
plug could be inserted into the hole to prevent food from coming out
during eating. Either way, these may be more trouble then they are worth.

The good side to these is that if your partner also has one of these, 
you can do this.

I case you are confused, 
both of them have holes in their lower lips. 
They are touching tongues through the holes.

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