Monday, August 19, 2013

The beef Jerky Tug-of-War?

Summer can be a fun time. 
There are so many activities to choose from.
Here is one of those activities.
Throwing the dog toy with your favorite pooch.
The dog goes and gets it and when he comes back there is
a little tug-of-war before he will release it and get ready to
chase it down again.

Now while this activity is loads of fun and usually completely harmless,
here is an activity that is similar but NOT at all harmless.

The Beef Jerky Tug-of-War.

Please please please do not do this. 
There are lots of people each year that have teeth problems
due to trying to rip into their favorite kind of dead cow.
Teeth are very strong when the chewing forces are straight up and down.
However, when the forces are applied laterally the teeth lose a lot of strength.

If you are going to chew on beef jerky that is fine.
Just make sure that you can simply bite through it
and do not have to rip at it like your dog does to his chew toy.
You do not have teeth like your dog.

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