Monday, May 20, 2013

Send in your teeth and have your stem cells harvested!!!

One of the most exciting things involving dentistry right now is the idea of re-growing teeth.
No one likes to hear the words crown or root canal.
Well don't worry. Pretty soon we will just be able to extract a tooth that
needs one of these evasive procedures and simply grow you a new one.
(Or so they say)

Fact is that we may be a long way from that. 
Lots of smoke but very little fire at this point.

But just because we are not yet able to grow teeth in humans
does not mean that people are not yet trying to capitalize on
the future of stem cell teeth.

If you visit  you will find
yourself at a place where you can send your teeth.

Why would you send your teeth there?

So that they can harvest your stem cells and keep them on file of course.
They can't use them yet, but when they can you will be the first in line.
You will have to make your own decision on whether or not you
want someone having your stem cells on file.

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