Monday, April 15, 2013

What Kind of Cosmetic Outcome is possible in Ogden Utah?

  • So, what is possible in dentistry?
  • Once something has gone so far can you bring it back to what it was?
Here is a wonderful case to look at that. We will call this patient Mrs. Corey to protect her identity. Mrs. Corey is wanting to get her teeth back to the way the used to be.

Here is a BEFORE picture of one of Mrs. Corey's molars.

Ogden Dentist BEFORE: Mrs. Corey's Molar
  • Nothing too bad. 
  • Old metal filling.
  • Some cracks starting in the enamel. 
  • And, possible new decay starting in a few spots.

And, here is the AFTER picture.
Ogden Dentist AFTER: Mrs. Corey's Molar
  • A brand new zirconia crown. 
  • No more metal look. 
  • The risk of fracture is now less.  
  • And the patient loves the look.

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