Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some "Dental" things to be thankful for.

Something to be thankful for
 As it is still the Thanksgiving season I thought that I would put down some things that I thing we would all be grateful for when it comes to dentistry.
First off is anesthetic. Yes, I know that everyone hates that numb lip and tongue feeling. And that no one likes to drool all over themselves.
However, before the invention of anesthetics it was just, wait until you are in so much pain that you can barely stand it and then hang on for dear life as your tooth got ripped from your head.
Another thing that we can all be thankful for is the creation of schools where dental professionals can be educated and trained.
Before Dental Schools it was typically the duty of the local barber to take out your teeth. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the local barber. But, the only reason that it was him taking out the teeth was not due to his dental ability. It was because he was the only one in town that had a chair that would lay back. Yikes.
Technology is another thing to be thankful for. The first dental implant ever recorded was in 600 A.D. by the Maya people of America. It was a 20 year old women who had pieces of seashell stuffed into the sockets of her lower jaw after getting her teeth taken out.
The first dental x-ray took 30 minutes of radiation exposure. Some folks are worried about 100ths of seconds of radiation. Imagine having the dentist put the x-ray tube up against your head, turning it on, and leaving for a quick lunch?!
Moral of the story is that we have a lot to be thankful for. 

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