Monday, September 17, 2012

Is chewing gum a good or bad idea?

We have all seen it in stores.
Rows and rows of gum. 
Bags, bottles, cans, and boxes filled with
sticks, cubes, and circles of gum.
It's everywhere.
But is it good for you?

The answer can be a little complicated.
First off if the gum is not sugar free then NO it wont be good for you.
The sugar on your teeth for the hour or so that you chew on the gum will help 
in causing the formation of cavities.
If the gum is sugar free then the is better but there are a couple of factors 
still left to consider.
Do you have any popping, clicking, or grinding in your jaw joint (tmj)?
If so then I would not recommend the gum. 
Working a piece of gum for an hour with a jaw that already is
a little tender could lead to even more joint problems.

So if its sugar free and you are free from any TMJ discomfort then it 
should be ok to go ahead and chew your gum.
And actually it may be beneficial as well. 
Gum will stimulate salivary flow.
Saliva helps to even out the pH in your mouth and prevent bacteria,
and the acids they produce, from hurting your teeth.

So if the conditions are right then not only is gum not bad, but
it can also be a good thing for you to do.

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