Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mouth Guards

As the summer months draw near that means that children
will begin to play all kinds of sports.

Football, basketball, soccer, and all kinds of other
outdoor leagues and camps will have kids running around like crazy.

No doubt that these activities will lead to a few bumps and bruises.
In time these bumps, bruises, and even broken bones will heal.

Something that would not heal however, is a broken tooth.
Teeth, unlike bones, will not grow back.
To save teeth requires root canals, crowns, and any number of other things.

Please Please Please.......
get your child a mouth guard to wear during their sporting events.

The ones that you can buy from the store and mold to your
child's teeth will do, but a custom made mouth guard from
a dentist is always the best way to assure the best way to go.

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