Monday, March 14, 2011

Open only if you are not squeamish.

This post is not for the faint of heart.
This is however, one of the most serious posts that I have ever done.

If you smoke or chew, please stop.
Oral cancer is very very real.
I realize that everyone knows someone that has smoked for
80 years and nothing has ever happened to them.
That is all well and good, until its you that it happens to.

These pictures are of a complete jaw bone removal due to oral cancer.
And yes, if the jaw bone comes out then the teeth must come with it.

Bottom Jaw.

After the jaw bone is removed a new one must be made.
It is fairly typical to make the new jaw out of Metal.
the new metal jaw is lined with one of your ribs that has been taken from you and bolted to the metal. Hopefully, later on some type of implants can be fastened to the metal jaw and you can get teeth back. Until that time you are on pretty much liquid.
X-ray of the new lower jaw.
Hope this scares anyone enough to lick the habit.

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